What do we know about the Butterfly? Lots. But, that doesn’t mean we could always try to learn more!

We’d like to announce the release of our information resource series “Butterflies Inspire”. In the coming weeks, you can use this page as a resource to know more about how Butterflies affect our world. We all know how wonderful Butterflies are for their contribution in the natural world-After all, they help sustain the plant life around us… Including our food supply! But, there are MANY ways Butterflies improve the quality of our lives in other ways!

At The Butterfly Connection, we have been paying attention to the quiet but strong influence Butterflies have had on science, art, human behavior (particularly in pleasure “zones” like travel and fashion), education and inspiration of young minds! Stay tuned to explore and learn to appreciate some of the ways Butterflies have enriched our lives!

We will share some great resources by others (not affiliated with our company in any way) if we see something we think you or your family will enjoy!



46 thoughts on “What do we Know?”

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