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The subjects in this artwork (butterflies) are sourced from cruelty-free Amazonian sanctuaries. We take great care to ensure all species used in our art are NOT endangered, and protected from harm through the duration of their natural lives. Local artisans and caretakers work together to provide us with the products we sell and we, in turn provide a fair income for their work. Together, we can help ensure that we use art, nature, and commerce to help create an appetite for knowledge about these creatures, that ultimately leads to increased increase in their protection overall.

Owner Bio

- The Butterfly Connection - About Us

Working the big state fairs, Music Festivals & Rodeo Circuit over the years is how we established ourselves as a business.  Coming from the tip of Texas, a little coastal sandbar that we call home South Padre Island, it was always a real hike to any show. Driving cross country as far north as Seattle and as far south as Miami.  We are thankful for our time home to enjoy everyday life in our small island community. We do miss the interactions with our customers and the friendships that come out of traveling and working hard.

Kite surfing is a huge passion of mine and along our coastal island is an amazing place to do just that..  Big winter swell and strong winds, with the island providing so many different types of terrain to experience. Flat water in the bay, endless miles of untouched ocean beaches, the Jetty at Isla Blanca State Park and our shipping channel.

South Padre Island is also home to the path of the monarch butterfly migration. With local supplies of milkweed their native food planted all over our  little sand bar at times it can be quite a show.
Last but certainly not least our Rescue recently joined the team, he was a rescue puppy from North Dallas who needed a chance. This puppy has a heart of gold and is so thankful for every moment in his new life.  Hiking the dunes, running free, or walking down the beach  we call him Sharky.   The 2nd of this old soul I’ve been blessed enough to have by my side.. Life is always better with paw prints.

Peace and Love to y’all
As we all navigate this life with a sense of wonder.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your Support!

The Butterfly Connection

Kagan Tate

- The Butterfly Connection - About Us
- The Butterfly Connection - About Us

Our Mission

The lifecycle of the butterfly is one of the most studied scientific concepts for young minds. Observation of metamorphosis would not be nearly as intriguing to students without the “grand finale”. Following a simple egg through the process being a caterpillar, and onto the magnificent butterfly allows students to remain engaged. Freezing these subjects in time, during their grandest phase of live, creates an opportunity for youth and adults alike to observe every detail of their development at its final stage.

The beauty of Butterflies have long been a muse for artists, decorators, and simple observation. If you are looking to provide an accent piece in your home that is unique and encompasses elegant and simple style, The Butterfly Connection may have just the piece you are looking for!  Or perhaps you are an educator and need something stimulating to have on your walls to help keep day dreamers entertained and engaged during your instruction. In either situation, your choice to display some of nature’s best art is a gift to others in your company!

We can all agree that it is not rare that animals endure hardships in the name of making them accessible to the human eye. Animals are often subject to mishandling and sub-par living conditions. The Butterfly Connection proudly participates in commerce with butterfly sanctuaries who respect the natural lifespan of the butterfly, and we reward the ethical business practices of those who oversee the sanctuaries by purchasing the specimens after a natural departure from this world.
It is our hope that our financial participation in these small economies helps them succeed. And our craftsmanship and care for our craft, creates something that inspires others to value   these beautiful creatures, and become more mindful in their daily actions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Packed with Care

We take great measures in packing and shipping our art frames.  All orders are hand boxed and shipped from our facility on South Padre Island Texas.   And yes, we REALLY like FRAGILE stickers! Our 100% biodegradable packing peanuts are water soluble.

- The Butterfly Connection - About Us
- The Butterfly Connection - About Us
- The Butterfly Connection - About Us

 *If you choose to make one of these unique pieces part of your personal collection, please be mindful of your display. They were created in natural light, and are intended to be displayed as such, but direct light or moisture from direct light may lead to deterioration. Please be mindful of your gallery space.

Framed Sets

Shown below are  samples of our Framed Sets.  You can hang them in different ways to create unique patterns. 

Interested in becoming a wholesaler?

The Butterfly Connection has opportunities for reseller of our art work.

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