Custom Frames

All fine art is unique, and typically, one-of-a-kind. Since nature has it’s way of making all of it’s beings unique, art made from nature makes perfect sense to find a design that is EXCLUSIVELY yours.

28-Count Monarch Butterfly Display
7-Count Helena Butterfly Display
7-Count Morpho Butterfly Display

Packed with Care

We take great measures in packing and shipping our art frames.  All orders are hand boxed and shipped from our facility on South Padre Island Texas.   And yes, we REALLY like FRAGILE stickers!  Packing Material is 100% recyclable. The packing peanuts are biodegradable, they dissolve in water!

- The Butterfly Connection - Custom Butterfly Frames
- The Butterfly Connection - Custom Butterfly Frames

 *If you choose to make one of these unique pieces part of your personal collection, please be mindful of your display. They were created in natural light, and are intended to be displayed as such. While the glass is UV protected direct light or moisture from direct light may lead to deterioration. Please be mindful of your gallery space.

- The Butterfly Connection - Custom Butterfly Frames
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